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1 month down, 1 to go


Summer is more than halfway over for us teachers around here.  Ba-humbug!  I am so enjoying my time off (well deserved, I might add!)

Our summer is about to get a little crazy.  You see, while I wasn’t blogging, LOTS was going on.  And with everything going on, blogging just wasn’t even on my radar.  Sorry!

We’ve sold our house, and bought a new one!  Holy moly!  It all transpired over the course of 6 days.  Wham-bam!

We’ve been on a mini-vacation to middle TN and are gearing up for a family vacation in WI.

We’ve been boxing up everything we can.

Yes, we’ve been a little busy and that’ll only continue through… well, forever, I guess!  Better than the alternative!

Here’re the highlights:6_19birdC and her cousin (and birthday buddy!), and I went to the zoo.  Both kids really liked the “Birds and the Bees” exhibit @ the Memphis Zoo.  For $1 you can purchase bird food on a stick and then the little birds will fly to you and hang out with you while they eat!  It was SO cool!

6_19pampoolC’s gotten to spend some time with BE and her family.  They have a pool, so C’s been getting her pool time in.  She loves to be in the water!

6_23happyMost days C and I are home just kicking around, running errands, and more recently, packing!  She does not like the sound of packing tape, though, so DH & I tape in the garage or outside or while she’s napping.

6_26swingers 6_26swingWhile over at our friends Allison & Craig’s house, C got to swing for the first time.  She really enjoyed it!  I think DH did, too!

6_28lovelessOn our way to middle TN we stopped at Loveless Cafe.  We totally recommend it if you’re ever in the Nashville area.

8mo1She’s now 8 months old!  She’s teething, almost crawling, rolling and turning and “skootching” all over the place… the cats had better watch out!  She’s enthralled by them and will be ready to chase them down soon!


Slept In Past 5:30am!


I turned off my school alarm clock last night.  That felt good!  Darn good!  And though I got up at 5:51am to feed a clamoring C, I was able to go back to bed and sleep in until an unheard of time… 8:09am!  I felt refreshed and DH noted that he was impressed.  That, though, was my last down time, ’cause we’ve been go, Go, GO ever since!

We’ve been toying with the idea of moving to a house a bit larger and closer to our work for a while now, and so, today we met with our realtor to set up and work out some details.

Now our house is either spic and span, or as the realtor would say, “Clean and crisp!”, or it’s a total disaster area complete with Jack, Jim, and Jose boxes.  Someone told me liquor boxes are sturdy, which they are, and the price can’t be beat!  (Free.)  C & the cats are enjoying the boxes and are trying to figure out what in the world is going on at our house!

Along with all this, of course, is C.  Today she tried green beans for the first time.  See?

5_25blogBefore the dark green puree made it to her mouth, she eyed the full container and looked at me as if to say, “You aren’t feeding that stuff to ME, are you??”  Jury’s still out, but I think she liked them OK.