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Summer Fun


As we gear up for the move and the winding down of my summer with Claire, there have been a few random pictures that have been taken that I’d like to share.

There’s no real theme, just hodge-podge, I guess.

Anyway, enjoy!

radio2Claire loves her bouncer.  I think we’ve established that.  BUT, she loves our stereo, too.  It’s a stereo I bought with graduation (from high school!) money.  The face of it has lights that correspond with the music.  Because her bouncer is in front of it anyway, I usually put on some tunes for her to listen to and watch while she’s bouncing away.  She’s a fan of Justin Timberlake, by the way.

radio1Even when she’s not in the bouncer, if that stereo is on, she’ll watch it.  Too funny!

pigletThis is a picture of her at my Mom’s house while we were visiting Ohio.  She loved sleeping with that Piglet.  She likes it so much that Piglet rode home with us from Wisconsin to Memphis.  As I type, the kiddo is napping.  With Piglet.

bookShe’s “read” lots this summer.  She has a pretty good library going and she and I both enjoy when new books come from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

7_2jennClaire has spent some time with her cousin Jennifer.  I think they both enjoy it.  Lots!  Here’s a picture of crawling lessons.

6_23happyClaire likes it when I take our picture with my iPhone.  I’m not sure she realizes that it’s her in the picture.  Sort of like I’m not sure she knows it’s her when we look into a mirror.


usWe’ve still got some time together this summer.  It’s been fun!  I know I was nervous at the beginning of this, but folks were right when they said it’d be fine.  Though I am so happy that she has Miss Pam, BE, to watch her when I head back to school to work with 12th graders, I know I’ll miss her and our time together!!


1 month down, 1 to go


Summer is more than halfway over for us teachers around here.  Ba-humbug!  I am so enjoying my time off (well deserved, I might add!)

Our summer is about to get a little crazy.  You see, while I wasn’t blogging, LOTS was going on.  And with everything going on, blogging just wasn’t even on my radar.  Sorry!

We’ve sold our house, and bought a new one!  Holy moly!  It all transpired over the course of 6 days.  Wham-bam!

We’ve been on a mini-vacation to middle TN and are gearing up for a family vacation in WI.

We’ve been boxing up everything we can.

Yes, we’ve been a little busy and that’ll only continue through… well, forever, I guess!  Better than the alternative!

Here’re the highlights:6_19birdC and her cousin (and birthday buddy!), and I went to the zoo.  Both kids really liked the “Birds and the Bees” exhibit @ the Memphis Zoo.  For $1 you can purchase bird food on a stick and then the little birds will fly to you and hang out with you while they eat!  It was SO cool!

6_19pampoolC’s gotten to spend some time with BE and her family.  They have a pool, so C’s been getting her pool time in.  She loves to be in the water!

6_23happyMost days C and I are home just kicking around, running errands, and more recently, packing!  She does not like the sound of packing tape, though, so DH & I tape in the garage or outside or while she’s napping.

6_26swingers 6_26swingWhile over at our friends Allison & Craig’s house, C got to swing for the first time.  She really enjoyed it!  I think DH did, too!

6_28lovelessOn our way to middle TN we stopped at Loveless Cafe.  We totally recommend it if you’re ever in the Nashville area.

8mo1She’s now 8 months old!  She’s teething, almost crawling, rolling and turning and “skootching” all over the place… the cats had better watch out!  She’s enthralled by them and will be ready to chase them down soon!



Today started out with a run to Vincent’s Bakery with my Mom to get fresh, flaky, cinnamony elephant ears.  YUM!  They went great with our coffee on a dreary rainy morning.


While we were out, C woke up and Karen fed her.  Later in the morning I found C watching Mr. Rogers on Grandma’s laptop.  Not just any Mr. Rogers, though.  Auto-tuned Mr. Rogers.  Oh lordy.

computerIt wasn’t too long after that C went crazy.  Nashing her teeth, um, gums, flailing around crazy.  Or as I call it, “Hangry.”

madGrandma soothed her by giving her a bottle and then just as quickly as hangry came on, it left.  And a sweet C was returned to us.

betterEarlier this week Wendy gave us a container of puffs, or POOFS, for C to try.  Here’s the chain of reactions from lunchtime today…

food 1“What IS this?  I do not understand what is going on!”

food 2“I don’t know about this, Mom, but I trust ya.”

food 3“Hmmmm.  Jury’s still out, but I’m willing to try it again.”

She’s tried hummus, sour cream, cool whip, and Grandpa’s hamburger pie in the last couple of days, and has especially liked the cool whip and hamburger pie.  I can tell she’s my kid ’cause those are my top two from that list, too.  Thanks, Grandpa, for making that tonight.  It’s a favorite of mine.  YUM!  Also new, she tried, and seemed to really like, Gerber’s green peas!  That means she’s eaten and liked all of the Gerber’s veggies puree (maybe not LIKED the green beans, but TOLERATED) and will graduate to fruits soon!

7 months old today!


So big big stuff today!

First, C is 7 months old today!!  Wow!  DH said this morning, “Where did the time go??”  Indeed!

blog5_317mo1She’s such a happy girl!  We are so blessed!

floorShe is rolling over both ways, spends lots of time on her tummy, and is getting pretty good at scootching around – mostly backwards.  She loves to lean, so much so that BE has suggested we should’ve named C “I-lean” (Eileen)!  She also loves to “talk.”  She’s so expressive!  Not the Serious Sally that you see in the picture above.  She’s about 20 lbs now and just about 28″long.

Today we put our house on the market.  All of our hard work and energy to get the house ready for photos and showings…  Whew!  The photos turned out great, the MLS sheet is good, and lo and behold, there’s a showing tomorrow!  Alex loaded my car up and I took a load of stuff over to the storage unit this morning. blog5_31unitThis storage unit, putting the house up for sale, and discussing mortgage rates, among other things, makes me ponder…
adults44c36a24b2c0a266d52fb4f9160a158dHave you ever felt that way?

C & I leave in the morning on our trip to Ohio to see Grandma, Grandpa & Mema.  It’s been a little (LOT) stressful here getting packed and getting the house ready…  But it’s all coming together!  Here’s hoping C & I get a good night sleep.

ohio1bdb863567b54af9aad300598b1c95cbNo post tomorrow, as we’ll be on the road and in the air and getting in late.

Prayers, please, for safe travels!

And, if you’re in the Memphis area, maybe check in on DH while the kiddo and I are gone.  🙂



May 30th


Today C and I just be-bopped around the house and around town enjoying the day.  We also worked hard on pre-packing for our trip to Ohio and on getting the house ready (or staged) for the realtor to come tomorrow.  Not a whole lot to report today.

She got into some ocean animal tub toys, but they have essentially become chew toys for the time being.  A starfish, seahorse, a stingray…

blog5_30seahorseNum num!blog5_30playI discovered something today that she really enjoys.  I opened a sheet, raised it up, and let it down like a parachute.  Oh goodness – she laughed and laughed.

blog5_30sheet blgo5_30sheet2Maybe not the best pictures to get the idea across, but…

Memorial Day Part II


As hoped, C & I hit the pool.  And for the second day in a row, C really enjoyed kickin’ around!

Then she slept like a champ.  In fact, she was asleep before we left the parking lot!  She woke up a happy, smiley baby.  See?


This evening I introduced her to one of my favorite Disney movies, “Lady and the Tramp.”  I remember being entranced by the dogs (my family had a cat while I was growing up, so dogs were a novelty), the music, and the pound scene.  Sad and a bit scary, but the music was great!  And what a cast of characters!  Anyway, I do believe that she enjoyed the movie, too, though, to be honest, she watched about 5 minutes here, another 5 minutes about 30 minutes later, etc.

blog5_261Ahhhh to be that relaxed.  What a life.  Happy Memorial Day, all!



Welcome Summer!


So, let’s catch up.  ‘Cause it’s been a while.  I know.

I just finished my 9th year of teaching.  Yes, ninth.  That blows my mind.

I love what I do, but just the same, I am, as always, SO EXCITED that the warm, sunny, lazy days of summer have arrived.

But, this summer will be unlike any summer I’ve ever had.  Why?  Let me introduce you to my little friend.  Um, daughter.  Claire!


We’ve got lots planned, yet I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous about baby every day all day!  Piece of cake, you say?  Yeah, maybe, but this is uncharted territory for me.  We’ve got a membership to the local zoo, a park nearby with great walking trails, C has multiple swimsuits, we’ve got 2 vacations to look forward to, naps to take, books to read, songs to sing…  And, if I can, I’d like to blog this summer as a way to document her first summer and our Mommy/daughter time.

Today: a partial day with her super-wonderful-we’re-blessed-to-have-her babysitter, hiccups, time in the jump-a-roo, vocalization (can’t help but wonder what she’s got on her mind!)

Hasta manana!