Family Visit


It’s a rainy, gray morning here in Memphis.

I think the weather reflects my mood.  That is: sad and sleepy.

My step-brother, sister-in-law, and niece have been visiting with us the last few days and left this morning to drive back home.

We had a wonderful time together this nice long weekend!

It’s always nice to see them, but it’s especially neat to see them with C, and even more so to see my niece, Ryan, with her cousin, C!  They are so cute together!

AFbike1It was HOT here while they visited, so we stayed indoors in the blessed air conditioning!  They helped with putting together some furniture for our new move, but we also took them out to show them a good time on their vacation.  We did some of the usuals with our meals, like Central BBQ and Muddy’s Bake Shop, but also Exlines Pizza!  We also went to the Children’s Museum of Memphis.  Here’s Ryan on the Sherrif’s motercycle.  Wee!

AFbike2C really liked it when the lights were on, and seemed to enjoy the exhibit about emergency vehicles.

AFtruckHere they are in a fire engine.

AFbottleRyan got to spend lots of time playing with and interacting with her cousin.  She carried her, some, and helped with everything baby!  Here they are chowing down!  They also got to go swimming together twice.  Both girls are fish!

AFgame3Last night we went to see the Memphis Redbirds play.  It was a nice cool (for Memphis) night and a fun way to wrap up the visit.

C was a trooper after a long day.  She wanted to see everything at the ball park and spent some QT with her Uncle Drew.

AFgame1And then…

AFgame2That’s all, folks!

Hope to have some more pictures of our time together soon, but the pics are on their camera.

Can’t wait to see you again Uncle Drew, Aunt Angie, and cousin Ryan!  We love you!!


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