Summer Fun


As we gear up for the move and the winding down of my summer with Claire, there have been a few random pictures that have been taken that I’d like to share.

There’s no real theme, just hodge-podge, I guess.

Anyway, enjoy!

radio2Claire loves her bouncer.  I think we’ve established that.  BUT, she loves our stereo, too.  It’s a stereo I bought with graduation (from high school!) money.  The face of it has lights that correspond with the music.  Because her bouncer is in front of it anyway, I usually put on some tunes for her to listen to and watch while she’s bouncing away.  She’s a fan of Justin Timberlake, by the way.

radio1Even when she’s not in the bouncer, if that stereo is on, she’ll watch it.  Too funny!

pigletThis is a picture of her at my Mom’s house while we were visiting Ohio.  She loved sleeping with that Piglet.  She likes it so much that Piglet rode home with us from Wisconsin to Memphis.  As I type, the kiddo is napping.  With Piglet.

bookShe’s “read” lots this summer.  She has a pretty good library going and she and I both enjoy when new books come from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

7_2jennClaire has spent some time with her cousin Jennifer.  I think they both enjoy it.  Lots!  Here’s a picture of crawling lessons.

6_23happyClaire likes it when I take our picture with my iPhone.  I’m not sure she realizes that it’s her in the picture.  Sort of like I’m not sure she knows it’s her when we look into a mirror.


usWe’ve still got some time together this summer.  It’s been fun!  I know I was nervous at the beginning of this, but folks were right when they said it’d be fine.  Though I am so happy that she has Miss Pam, BE, to watch her when I head back to school to work with 12th graders, I know I’ll miss her and our time together!!


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