Thank goodness for air conditioning!  How did Southern women do it, back in the day, before AC?  And wearing dresses and petty coats, no less??

Since returning from Ohio, C & I have been laying low, mostly to stay in air conditioning indoors!  Whew!  The heat and humidity were in full effect here in Memphis.

We’ve watched Baby Einstein, lounged around, read, napped, and enjoyed the AC!  Have I mentioned that I love our air conditioning?

computer book usToday, however, the humidity and heat broke.  Well, I ‘m not sure that’s 100% true, as we were under a Code Orange (ozone), but it felt nicer!  Nice enough that DH, C, & I went to the Memphis Farmers Market this morning.  Though we only bought a couple of things: black bean hummus and Las Delicias tortilla chips, the sights, sounds, and smells mesmerized all three of us!  Live music, colorful fruits and vegetables, baked goods, coffees, fresh flowers… oh my!

6_15flowersWe decided to take advantage of the nice day and go to one of our favorite restaurants, Central BBQ, to eat lunch.  I think the idea was to sit outside on their patio to eat, but we ended up inside.  No biggie.  As always, the food was delicious and keeping C entertained while we waited and then ate was fun.  Who knew how fun paper towels and straw wrappers could be?

6_15BBQWe also ended up at our friends’ Mid-Town pool for a bit.  Check out C!  She was stylin’ and profilin’ and LOVING the water.  6_15poolShe’s decided that she really likes the float, and we already knew she loves being in the water.  She also kept those sunglasses on the entire time!  Made no attempt to take them off.  She is a water baby for sure!

I’d heard of the Shelby Farms Summer Concert series, and as tonight was just beautiful, we went as a family and met up with Susan, Margie, Rick, and Zach.  It ended up being just perfect – cool, mostly bug free, with a very pretty sunset in the background.  Not to mention the soul/funk band that was good, and the myriad of local food trucks that were around the parking lot!  DH & I both got a Philly Cheese steak from MarksGrill.  Oh My Gosh.  SO good!


Anyway, it’s been a really great couple of days and I am so happy to be back together as a family after the trip C & I took.

6_15group 6_15hat 6_15Susan

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!  A shout out to my Dad and to DH!  ❤ you!



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