No, I didn’t forget to blog, nor did I abandon blogging.  Things here got crazy!  Lots of fun to be had at the tail end of this Ohio vacation.

On Friday, the three amigas and our 3 respective kiddos got together to watch movies, play, eat some pizza…  Caleb & Samantha enjoyed having someone younger and smaller to play with.


Seeing as we don’t all get together a whole lot (TN, VA, OH), we thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of us, of the kids… HA! HA! HA!  It was like trying herd cats, or whatever that saying it.  Whatever.  It was what it was.  See for your self.

sillydownWe walked, we played, we too even more pictures.

wendy 2

C with Wendy. walk

Trying out our baby carrier.  Interesting.  I think I like it, and after a walk around a couple of blocks, I think  C likes it, too! wendy 6

Love this picture.  Thanks, Mr. Snyder, for taking this!! 3Friday night, SM and I went to an Akron Aeros game (they won 12-3!), hence no blogging that night.

On Saturday, C got to see her Aunt Angie!  We spent the day with her, Grandpa, & Mema.  We went swimming and played.  C loved the pool all over again and the float that Grandpa bought for her.  She sleeps GREAT after she swims.

ang 4

Angie fed her some peas. ang 3

And a bottle. ang 2 ang 1

And got down on the floor to play, play, play.  They thoroughly enjoyed each others company. The next morning we all went to church, then C & I drove back to Grandma’s just in time for me to go to Cleveland with SM for the New Kids on the Block concert!!  What a blast!!


First we went to Melt.  Oh my – PLEASE go there if you are ever in the Cleveland area.



Here’s my Monte Cristo.  Though it looks delicious (it was), this picture fails to show the size.  No joke – half of this sandwich was the size of my hand.  HUGE.  Delicious.  Mmmmmmm.  And then there’s the fresh cut fries and the sweet slaw.  Good, but BOY oh BOY…  the sandwich was yummy.

Many of us got super bright early 90s neon shirts to wear (“I ❤ NKOTB”), neon bracelets, earrings, necklaces…

group girls

I could’ve listened to Boyz II Men for another hour.

boysNKOTB was everything I had hoped they would be.


Thanks, SM, for getting me the ticket that started up this great Ohio vacation idea.  🙂


Today we just hung out.  SM came over to play and ended up feeding C some sweet potatoes.  C’s favorite!

sm foodThen C & I met Grandpa, Mema, & Aunt Angie for dinner.

handshakefamWhat a fun trip!  C & I head out on an airplane tomorrow.  She’s done so much and spent time with so many great people!  She’s also just about got the whole sitting up on her own thing. I wonder what DH will notice first about her, as I’m sure she’s changed a bit in the time we’ve been away from him.


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